Announcing $IZI’s IVO on SOLV Platform

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2 min readDec 16, 2021


What is an IVO?

An IVO, or Initial Voucher Offering, is a project’s way of offering previously illiquid project allocations to the public by issuing Vouchers. An IVO allows the public to become early investors of a project. The Voucher is a type of financial NFT that represents the right to claim tokens on Solv platform based on a set of rules, at a later date.

Now, whitelisted izumi users can participate in izumi’s pre-IDO on Solv platform and get a Voucher for IZI tokens, and take advantage of unprecedented access to non-liquid project allocations. Additionally, Voucher holders will receive 0.004 USDT, as a 10% discount, per IZI token in their Vouchers when the token release starts.

Key Metric

How to participate

For users who are in the Solv IVO whitelist (have passed KYC):

For other users:

  • You must own a Voucher which contains at least 10 $SOLV tokens (snapshot time: 2021–12–19 00:00 UTC).
  • 1,000,000 IZI will be sold on Solv Marketplace ( on BSC).
  • Purchase Limit: $0 — $200(5,000 $IZI)
  • For this part, users do not need KYC.

*Note: This allocation comes from izumi’s investor

A couple of notes:

  • Users must use a PC/desktop device to participate in the IVO.
  • This IVO will be first come, first served.

How to use the Solv platform

With Solv v2.5, the Solv Marketplace is easier to use than ever. Users will be treated to a seamless experience, from wallet connection to Voucher purchase.

Check out these resources that outline how to navigate Solv Marketplace:

Solv IVO Tutorial

📔A Guide to Solv v2.5 and our IVO

About Solv

Founded in 2020, Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for the minting and trading of NFTs that represent financial ownership, also known as “Vouchers”. Solv aims to resolve one of the most pressing problems in the emerging field of DeFi — the absence of an efficient and flexible tool to express complicated financial contracts. And by bringing Vouchers to the table, Solv offsets that gap.

Learn more:

Solv Protocol: Official Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

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