Announcing iZiSwap Testnet Campaign

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2 min readApr 20, 2022

iZUMi Finance is going to launch a new DEX: iZiSwap on the BSC network .

iZiSwap is an innovative Discretized-Liquidity-AMM design that provide efficient on-chain liquidity for Web3 assets, it could have more than 5000x capital efficiency than traditional x*y=k DEX.

The DL-AMM algorithm uses a new discrete concentrated liquidity algorithm with concentrated liquidity market making characteristics similar to Uniswap v3, however enables liquidity to be precisely distributed on any fixed prices rather than a price range. This allows iZiSwap to be more manageable in terms of liquidity and to support more trading methods, such as limit order.

iZiSwap has been deployed on the BSC testnet, therefore we invite users to participate in the iZiSwap Testnet Campaign to try out the features of iZiSwap. We will award each user with 200 iZUMi community points to those who participate.

iZUMi community point represents the participation of community members in iZUMi activities. Holders of those points are eligible for the further airdrop lotteries, and we will also launch exchanging community points for izi token promotion, which will be conducted next month. All the details will be announced after the campaign ends.

iZiSwap Testnet Campaign:

Campaign Period: 20th — 30th of April

iZiSwap test version:

Campaign Tasks:

  1. Successfully use iZiSwap to “Swap” iZi/BNB;
  2. Successfully use “Limit Order” function with iZiSwap in iZi/BNB trading pool; (Note, we don’t require successfully filled orders, placing a limit order will fulfill the task for 100%);
  3. Successfully use the “Add Liquidity” function of iZiSwap to add liquidity to iZi/BNB pools.

How to get iZUMi community points after finished all the tasks:

  1. Join iZUMi Discord:;
  2. Find the channel “iziswap-test-register” and enter the command “/apply”;
  3. the Application Bot will DM you, register your address to the Bot, the address should be the one you used in campaign tasks.


  1. The completion of the tasks will be based on the on-chain data of;
  2. Finish all the tasks above and register in iZUMi Discord, you will get 200 iZUMi community points, the list of completer will keep updating in the channel “#community-points”;
  3. Each discord handle corresponds to one address, and could only get 200 points once;
  4. Refer to the following link for a tutorial on how to use iZiSwap and how to use the BSC testnet faucet:



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