Announcing iZiSwap Testnet Campaign

  1. Successfully use iZiSwap to “Swap” iZi/BNB;
  2. Successfully use “Limit Order” function with iZiSwap in iZi/BNB trading pool; (Note, we don’t require successfully filled orders, placing a limit order will fulfill the task for 100%);
  3. Successfully use the “Add Liquidity” function of iZiSwap to add liquidity to iZi/BNB pools.
  1. Join iZUMi Discord:;
  2. Find the channel “iziswap-test-register” and enter the command “/apply”;
  3. the Application Bot will DM you, register your address to the Bot, the address should be the one you used in campaign tasks.
  1. The completion of the tasks will be based on the on-chain data of;
  2. Finish all the tasks above and register in iZUMi Discord, you will get 200 iZUMi community points, the list of completer will keep updating in the channel “#community-points”;
  3. Each discord handle corresponds to one address, and could only get 200 points once;
  4. Refer to the following link for a tutorial on how to use iZiSwap and how to use the BSC testnet faucet:



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iZUMi Finance

iZUMi Finance

iZUMi Finance: A Multi-chain DeFi Protocol Providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service;; Discord: