Announcing Season 2 of the Ultra Evolution Chapter III: Mantle Network

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2 min readNov 27, 2023


The Ultra Evo continues! iZiSwap is proud to launch Season 2 of the Ultra Evolution Chapter III: Mantle Network, to support the liquidity growth of Mantle Network! The campaign will commence on Nov 28 and last for 1 month, with continuous support offered to listed projects on iZiSwap.

iZiSwap aims at helping projects bootstrap and manage their on-chain liquidity transparently and efficiently. And with well-established projects together, the campaign will provide rich incentives including partner projects’ tokens and $MNT tokens. Liquidity providers (LPs) will enjoy more liquidity mining rewards during this campaign period.

Liquidity pools of Bella Protocol (USDT/USDC), Lendle Protocol(LEND/USDC), Stable(USDLR/USDC), Ondo Finance(USDY/USDC) will enjoy EXTRA incentives. Enjoy, yield farmers!

Pool Info

The Ultra Evolution Chapter III welcomes all builders! If you are building a project on Mantle Network, and are interested in taking part in this grand carnival to bootstrap more liquidity, please submit an application via

By participating in the Ultra Evolution with iZiSwap — Mantle Network, you will be offered:

  • Whitelists for your tokens. The icons of your tokens will be listed in iZiSwap’s token lists. Users can discover your tokens by inserting the names, without having to paste the contract addresses.
  • Social media exposure — Partnership announcements on X, with multiple opportunities to be discovered via X Space panel discussions.
  • Exclusive listing offer — Swap fees rebate.
  • Dual farming incentives with $MNT token, to help you better bootstrap your liquidity.
  • DApp Integrations — Embed your projects on iZiSwap’s Eco panel where iZUMi builds an ecosystem on Mantle Network with all its partners.
  • Real-time Dev Support — 12/7 Dev Support to guide you through on-chain market making.
  • Community offer — For liquidity pools(1% fee tiers) with a trading volume above $1M, iZiSwap will reward the early LPs with 30% of the pool’s swap fees in $MNT token.

Let’s rock!



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