Convert your iPoints into $IFP tokens in limited time on ZKFair!

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3 min readJan 21, 2024

iZiSwap is proud to launch $IFP, allowing users to convert active iPoints on ZKFair into tokens during Jan 22nd — 28th. During the campaign period, ZKFair network users are rewarded with iPoints by trading ZKF-USDC in iZiSwap and completing requirements for their activities

ZKFair is a community-owned, community-driven experimental L2 network, ZKFair will share 25% L2 Gas Fee revenue to eligible dapp developers. iZiSwap is committed to fulfilling its promise to bring value to our loyal users through the iPoints system, and making the first conversion plan from iPoints to tokens happen on the ZKFair network. , ZKFair Chain

What is $IFP?

iPoint, in its full name “iZiSwap Point”, is a system introduced to calculate users’ on-chain contribution in receiving potential network ecosystem airdrop.

Given that $ZKF has been live, we made the decision to launch $IFP tokens and airdrop to users according to their iPoints held during the $IFP campaign period.

Total Supply: 1,000,000

Token Distribution:

  • 50% allocated to iPoints holders based on the amount of iPoints held
  • 50% for initial liquidity: the initial IFP-USDC pool contains 500,000 $IFP and 5,000 $USDC

Buyback Mechanism:

iZiSwap will use 50% of the incentives it gets from ZKFair Gas Fee Reward to buy back $IFP and burn.

How to get $IFP?

We are launching a campaign from Jan. 22nd to Jan. 28th 16:00 UTC for users to earn iPoints. When the campaign concludes, the iPoints will be converted into $IFP and distributed by airdrop. The amount of $IFP a user receives will depend on the proportion of their iPoints to the total of iPoints on iZiSwap on ZKFair.

Please note that there will be a minimum requirement for token allocation. Addresses with an iPoint holding of less than 1/10000 of all iPoints on ZKFair will not be qualified for an airdrop.

Total $IFP will be converted and distributed on January 29th.

The IFP-USDC pool will be live on January 29th.

How to earn iPoints:

If you have used iZiSwap before, we will directly airdrop iPoints to your addresses according to the campaign rules. Users can check their iPoints via

During the campaign period, there are five task tiers available to earn iPoints..

Swap: users trade ZKF-USDC based on 5 tiers of volume in USD,

  1. $50–200 (excluded) in a hash — — 10 iPoints
  2. $200–1000 (excluded) in a hash — — 35 iPoints
  3. $1000–5000 (excluded) in a hash — — 160 iPoints
  4. $5000–10000 (excluded) in a hash — — 700 iPoints
  5. $10000 and above in a hash — — 1250 iPoints

Please note that all iPoints will become invalid after $IFP distributions.

We’d love to invite the entire ZKFair community to be a part of this exciting journey! Start trading on iZiSwap and enjoy your $IFP airdrop!



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