Early Liquidity Supporters Campaign on Linea Alpha Mainnet

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3 min readAug 16


The Canonical Token Bridge has launched on Linea, users could have canonical ERC20 tokens on Linea now. Our on-chain Order Book DEX iZiSwap has officially launched on Linea(https://linea.izumi.finance/).

To thank and incentivize liquidity providers who come in early, we’re excited to launch the Early Liquidity Supporters campaign. 10% of the token airdrop iZUMi receives from the whole Linea ecosystem in the future will serve as rewards to the early liquidity contributors.

How to become an Early Liquidity Supporter?

The first 200 addresses providing AT LEAST [1 ETH + >1800 USDC] liquidity in ETH-USDC pool for at least 30 days (accumulative)

Add liquidity on iZiSwap: https://linea.izumi.finance/add-liquidity

Reward Allocation

The allocation will be calculated according to [TVL * (total stake duration)] in LP. The larger the TVL, the longer the stake duration, the higher allocation weight an address can get.

  • At least 30 days of cumulative stake duration are required. Duration that exceeds 30 days WILL still be included in the allocation.
  • In order to ensure fairness, the max cap of LP TVL is 50 ETH. Any value that exceeds 50 ETH will not be counted in the allocation. The max cap of stake duration is 90 days. Any time duration that exceeds 90 days will not be counted in the allocation.

Potential token airdrops will be distributed according to the allocation weight of the first 200 addresses that are qualified as early liquidity supporters. All rewards shall be distributed within 5 days after iZUMi receives the airdrop from the whole Linea ecosystem.

How to provide liquidity:

Go to the official website: https://linea.izumi.finance/, click “Connect Wallet” and choose your wallet.

Go to the “Liquidity” on the left side, and Click “Add Liquidity”

Choose the pool: ETH-USDC and 0.3% fees tiers

Input the amount you are willing to provide and set the price range (here, we suggest you to set the price range at +- 50% to earn the swap fees efficiency, and the liquidity should be larger than [1 ETH + >1800 USDC])

Click “Create” after you set up.

Then you could see your LP infos on the “Liquidity” page



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