iZUMi Launches KaiaSwap to Extend DEX-as-a-Service to Kaia Chain

iZUMi Finance
2 min readMay 6, 2024

iZUMi Finance announces the launch of KaiaSwap, the first native Discretized-Liquidity-AMM DEX on Kaia Chain. Utilizing the advantages of iZUMi’s unique design of Discretized Liquidity AMM, KaiaSwap provides the transparency, security & most efficient on-chain experience by leveraging the sustainable and verifiable of the Kaia Chain ecosystem.


DEX-as-a-Service is iZUMi’s unique solution to adapt the fast-growing landscape of emerging Layer 2s and new public chains. DEX-as-a-Service combines DL-AMM with Account Abstraction and Multi-sig features, enabling a safer, more accessible DEX service on newly launched high-performance chains with low gas fees.

KaiaSwap is a brand new exploration of the DEX-as-a-Service approach adapted to the Kaia ecosystem, signifying the flexibility and accessibility of DEX-as-a-Service.

About Kaia Chain

Kaia was born out of a desire to make blockchain technology easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience. Community, Sustainability, and Simplicity are the core of kaia’s values, which act as our north star as we foster partnerships, engage our community, and embark on our journey to spearhead blockchain adoption.

Community: Fostering an inclusive environment where individuals can connect, collaborate, and contribute to the kaia ecosystem.

Sustainability: Contributing positively to the long-term viability of our products and services, leaving meaningful impact for the future.

Simplicity: Ensuring clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness in everything we do within the realm of our ecosystem.

About KaiaSwap

Officially supported by Kaia Chain and receiving technical assistance from iZUMi Finance, KaiaSwap leads the way in the DeFi sector by combining innovative technology with a robust focus on user experience, and represents a major advancement in the decentralized finance landscape. KaiaSwap’s goal is to establish a comprehensive platform that ensures safe and efficient trading and investment opportunities.



iZUMi Finance

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