iZUMi Launches MerlinSwap to Extend DEX-as-a-Service to Bitcoin’s DeFi Ecosystem

iZUMi Finance
2 min readJan 29, 2024


Leading DeFi innovator iZUMi Finance announces the launch of MerlinSwap, the first native Discretized-Liquidity-AMM DEX on Merlin Chain. Utilizing the advantages of iZUMi’s unique design of Discretized Liquidity AMM, MerlinSwap is engineered to deliver an experience akin to centralized exchanges (CEX) within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. By leveraging the robustness of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the interoperability of the Merlin EVM, MerlinSwap sets new standards in trading efficiency, liquidity management, and user engagement in the DeFi sector.


DEX-as-a-Service is iZUMi’s unique solution to adapt the fast-growing landscape of emerging Layer 2s and new public chains. Powered by Particle Network and other AA solutions providers, DEX-as-a-Service combines DL-AMM with Account Abstraction and Multi-sig features, enabling a safer, more accessible DEX service on newly launched high-performance chains with low gas fees.

MerlinSwap is a brand new exploration of the DEX-as-a-Service approach adapted to the Bitcoin ecosystem, signifying the flexibility and accessibility of DEX-as-a-Service.

iZUMi’s DaaS Airdrop Plan

As iZUMi’s first step in its DEX-as-a-Service expansion strategy, MerlinSwap will distribute 2% of its total token supply as a reward to the iZUMi Finance and Merlin Chain users. 1% will be allocated to $IZI holders, 1% will be allocated to Merlin Chain token holders.

For future expansions, iZUMi Finance will consider adopting the same airdrop strategy to better help $iZi holders bootstrap value in the ecosystems of new chains.

Why Merlin Chain?

Merlin Chain is a Bitcoin Layer 2 that builds upon the native assets, protocols, and products of Bitcoin Layer 1 and will continue to innovate and unleash their potential, to make the Bitcoin ecosystem thrive.

The architecture of Merlin Chain is designed to seamlessly bridge multiple Bitcoin Layer 1 assets to Layer 2. Operating in tandem with the Bitcoin blockchain, the Merlin Chain maintains an optimal equilibrium between scalability and decentralization.

About MerlinSwap

MerlinSwap stands at the forefront of the DeFi sector, merging innovation with a strong focus on user experience. It’s officially backed by Merlin Chain and technically supported by iZUMi Finance, marking a significant stride in decentralized finance in the Bitcoin ecosystem. MerlinSwap aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem for secure and efficient trading and investment. Its vision is to blend the strengths of Bitcoin and smart contract, offering a platform for rapid, low-cost transactions without compromising on security or usability. MerlinSwap is dedicated to redefining the DeFi experience, striving to become a leading liquidity hub in the space.



iZUMi Finance

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