iZUMi veiZi Welcoming Campaign

We launched our governance token — veiZi on March 16th. The iZUMi DAO veNFT (veiZi) is designed to fully represent the governance rights of iZUMi Finance protocol, which includes voting, boosting and returning staking rewards . It is a uniquely interest-bearing NFT, which enables holders to earn staking rewards monthly, and can be used an unlimited number of times to boost farming pools on iZUMi Finance. veNFT is innovative and significant in terms of empowering NFTs with utilization.

After a short public test, the veiZi incentives program is live with 600% APR. Stake veiZi and earn rewards!

To thank iZUMians for their support and to allow iZUMians to experience more on veiZi features. veiZi welcoming campaigns are launching now.

1. Airdrop campaign for early users of veiZi:

A: Users who have locked 5,000 iZi tokens or more for 4 years will get 10% of the locked amount back via airdrop in iZi tokens.

B: Users who have locked 10,000 iZi tokens or more for 4 years will get 2,000 iZi tokens as well as 10% of the locked amount via airdrop.

For example:

An address had a veiZi NFT with 30,000 $iZi locked for 4 years, the address owner will get 3,000(10%) + 2,000 iZi tokens back via airdrop

Campaign Period: Mar 16 2022 00:00 (UTC) — Mar 31 2022 24:00 (UTC)

Tutorials and references:

Where to lock iZi for veiZi: https://izumi.finance/veiZi/locker

How to to get and lock veiZi: https://docs.izumi.finance/tutorial/how-to-obtain-veizi-and-other-functions


A. All eligible veiZi NFTs in one address will be counted in sum and the relevant amount will be distributed consequently.

B. Users need to mint veiZi NFTs on iZUMi’s website; veiZi NFTs obtained through other events, e.g. airdrops, will not be eligible for this campaign.

C. The airdrop will be distributed in 3 days after the campaign ends.

2. Limited edition veiZi membership NFT campaign:

Instructions are as followings:

1. Swap at least 10,000 iZi on Ethereum from Uniswap V3 DEX via the following attribution link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x9ad37205d608B8b219e6a2573f922094CEc5c200&inputCurrency=ETH&exactAmount=1&exactField=input

2. Hold at least 10,000 iZi tokens in the same address for at least 4 days

3.The first 500 addresses (snapshot by on-chain record) will be eligible for the veiZi membership NFT airdrop.

Campaign Period: Mar 23 2022 11:00 (UTC) — Mar 31 2022 24:00 (UTC)

The airdrop will be distributed in 3 days after the campaign ends.

Join the campaign to win airdrops! And don’t forget to enjoy the high yield of staking veiZi, up to 600%!



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