iZUMi X Star Legend Collaborative Campaign on Cryptopedia

iZUMi Finance
2 min readNov 27, 2023

We are thrilled to join the OKX Cryptopedia: Star Legend event! We will provide a special resonator in the iZUMi X Star Legend Collaborative Campaign on Linea. Completing iZUMi Finance tasks can get iZUMi iPoints on Linea and 3 tickets at https://star.legend.game/mint/ticket.

Join our legend at Star Legend to interact with your lovely Resonators.

Campaign Period:

Nov 27th, 2023 UTC 00:00:00 to Dec 10th, 2023 UTC 23:59:59

Campaign Tasks:

1. Swap over $10 on Linea using iZiSwap
2. Add an LP with a value over $10 on Linea via iZiSwap

How to participate:

1. OKX Wallet
2. Some $ETH for gas

Step1: Connect your wallet
1) Open the OKX Wallet, select “Discover”
2) Go to https://linea.izumi.finance/
3) Connect your wallet

Step2: Swap
1) Click “Go Trade”, input the amount you want to exchange
2) Select tokens to swap. Here we use ETH-USDC as an example
3) Click “Swap” (Swap over $10)

Step3: Add Liquidity
1) Choose “Liquidity” and click “+” button
2) Select a pair you want to and choose the swap fee rate you are willing to charge.
3) Input the sum you are willing to provide(LP value over $10)
4) Scroll down and set the price range, we recommend choose “-20%~+20%”
5) Choose “Create”

About Legend Game

legend.game, the omnichain Gaming Infrastructure Powered by zkBridge, providing infrastructure, NFT and gaming middlewares, and a developer ecosystem for Web3 developers and users.

Learn More about iPoints:

iZiSwap will share 50% of potential ecosystem airdrop it gets in the future.
Swap and Add Liqudity will earn the iPoints. The more points you earn, the more airdrop you will be shared.
Check your iPoints at https://linea.izumi.finance/iPoints



iZUMi Finance

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