Join iZUMi x Binance Account Bound (BAB) Token S2 Campaign!

To better serve the Binance & BNB Smart Chain user community and expand its ecosystem, iZUMi Finance is honored to announce the 2nd integration campaign with Binance Account Bound (BAB) Token holders.

To be eligible, you MUST:

1.Hold a BAB Soul-Bound Token in your wallet.

2. Place a LIMIT ORDER using iZiSwap ( **Notice that this task will be automatically completed once a Limit Order is placed**

Not sure how to place a limit order? Check out the official guide here

3. Join iZUMi’s Discord (

4. Follow iZUMi Finance on Twitter (

Once the requirements are met, you’ll be given access to,

1. A prize pool with 250,000 iZi tokens that the first 5,000 eligible addresses can claim. Each eligible address is GUARANTEED to get 50 iZi tokens as airdrop. First Come First Served!!!

2. A lucky draw of 100 winners from the first 5,000 eligible addresses to share 50,000 iZi tokens. Each winner will be rewarded with 500 iZi tokens.

3. A Galxe OAT with unique design


Campaign period: 2022/11/23 00:00–2022/11/30 23:59 UTC+8

Important notes:

  1. The on-chain snapshot will be taken once per day during the campaign period.
  2. The verification of eligible addresses will be based on the on-chain history on

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this campaign, please kindly join our Discord ( or Telegram (English: / Chinese: and we are happy to help!



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