Liquidity Mining Pools of iUSD on LiquidBox

Three new Liquidity Mining Pools of iUSD/USDT have been deployed on iZUMi LiquidBox’s Fixed Range on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum.

The Liquidity Mining incentives will be 900,000 $iZi on each iUSD/USDT pool, in total 2,700,000 $iZi will be provided for the first cycle(30 days). Users can provide liquidity in these pools on Uniswap V3 with iZUMi to earn additional rewards.

iUSD (iZUMi Bond USD) is a pegged asset, 100% backed by iZUMi’s collaterals and future revenues. iUSD is 1:1 pegged to USD, issued by iZUMi Finance for future development of iZUMi’s ecosystem.

iUSD could easily be obtained from the Uniswap on Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum.


Token Address:

Ethereum Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Polygon Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Arbitrum Contract: 0x0A3BB08b3a15A19b4De82F8AcFc862606FB69A2D

Please refer to the detailed guidance on how to provide liquidity in the following link:

About iUSD:

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