Accessible On-chain Orderbook Trading: Delivering Cost-efficient Orderbook in a Decentralized Fashion

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On Mar 3rd, iZUMi Finance attended “Signing the Future: Workshops & Networking in Denver”, an ETH Denver side event hosted by EthSign, co-hosted by HashKey Capital, HackVC, iZUMi Finance, zk.Link, Scroll, Biconomy, Orange DAO, and SENDING.ME.

Jimmy Yin, co-founder of iZUMi Finance, spoke at the event with a lecture entitled “Accessible On-chain Orderbook Trading’’ Below is the text recap.

Accessible On-chain Orderbook Trading: Delivering Cost-efficient Orderbook in a Decentralized Fashion

— — Presented by Jimmy Yin, co-founder of iZUMi Finance

Hello friends, this is Jimmy, the co-founder of iZUMi Finance. I’m honoured to be here today and deliver my speech with the title of “Accessible On-chain Orderbook Trading”, to give you a brief walkthrough our latest product “iZiSwap Pro”

First, let’s take a look back on the DEX sector in the past year of 2022, and the rationale behind the concept of iZiSwap Pro.

In 2022, we witnessed the crashes of CeFi and CEX.

Centralized financial institutions in Web3 went far against “decentralization” — the spirit of blockchain technology. Their opacity facilitates the conduct of fund misappropriation, data falsification, and price manipulation, which significantly increased the systemic risk of the industry.

Meanwhile, we also witnessed the evolving on-chain ecology.

The bull run in 2021 definitely brought in a huge flow of on-chain users. There are more assets and users’ on-chain activities which deserve on-chain trading. The booming growth of on-chain applications such as Gamefi and NFT also brings more demand for users to trade on-chain. Meanwhile fundamental techs make less gas fee and higher speed.

In a thriving ecosystem, we expect that the number of active DEX users will continue to grow.

Another observation from 2022 was that capital efficiency and innovations are growing underground.

Fundamental techs make less gas fee and higher speed. AMM is improving itself in capital efficiency against CEX.

With valuable lessons learned from 2022, we truly believe that there are multiple opportunities in the DEX sector in the next round of market,

  1. New narratives instead of liquidity mining evolve, unique features+high APR+easy access are brought to the retails
  2. DEX being the first stop for fresh assets. DEX with good operation and services will eat the shares of long-tail CEX markets
  3. Make reasonable profits as a lasting business, SAAS business model

So, what’s our solution to the current dilemma and in what ways we’ve prepared ourselves for the next evolving breaking point?

We, iZUMi Finance, proposed the first AMM-driven orderbook DEX, called iZiSwap Pro.

iZiSwap Pro introduced an orderbook-styled UI/UX, with unified account, being gasless and cost-efficient, censorship-resistant, and more importantly, non-custodial & transparent.

iZiSwap Pro has NO slippage and front-run attacks compared to other AMM DEX. Users can buy or sell their token at exact price with limit order and enjoy the same UI/UX as orderbook exchange.

iZiSwap Pro also has its unique features,

  • DID and ”missile airdrop”
  • AA (Account Abstraction) for gasless trading
  • Shared liquidity for spot/margin/option
  • No-impermanent-loss Farming

The user experience of iZiSwap Pro is similar to CEX in trading experience, UI design, and liquidity efficiency, but without any artificial rug-pulls.

In our ecology and philosophy, ALL DEX participants will share and benefit from ONE liquidity,

  • For Projects, iZiSwap Pro provides free listing and Automated Market Making
  • For Traders, iZiSwap Pro provides Limit order & orderbook trading experience just like CEX
  • For LPs, iZiSwap Pro is non-custodial and risk-free from cross-chain bridge, 100% safe
  • For MMs, iZiSwap Pro allows them to enjoy the concentrated liquidity and hyper capital efficiency for them earn more fees

iZiSwap Pro thus built a complete, thriving on-chain orderbook ecosystem that brings in and retains new users, which all participating components would benefit from, including Smart Contract Wallets & other partner protocols and Dapps.

With all the user-centric and innovative designs, we hope high-performance public chains can enjoy the benefits of our frontier infrastructure.



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