Recap of AMA with Bybit @ Izumi Finance

On December 15th we invited Kilo, community manager from Bybit. Kilo covered plenty of topics regarding Bybit exchange partnerships and launchpad specifics on their platform. You will also get familiar with how to take part in the 7th launchpad on Bybit to get iZi token, which is Izumi’s utility token. In addition, he had answered on questions from twitter and shed light on many aspects which could be useful for anyone.

Below is a recap of the questions and answers from the AMA session.

Q: Hi everyone and welcome to our izumi Finance, Ask Me Anything, AMA with Kilo, Bybit Global Community Manager. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to chat with our community today.

Kilo: Sure thing! So we hang out with our community daily and discuss recent news and promotions we do have on Bybit. Also, we are always on the lookout for our new traders, to make sure we provide them with all tools and knowledge while using our platform, on Spot or Derivatives. We also spend a lot of time teaching them about other ByFi products, like Flexible Stacking, DeFi Mining, Launchpad and Launchpool. We want to join our traders during the journey of increasing their portfolios.

For those who are not familiar with Bybit, we are a professional platform, instant order execution, low fee, and friendly 24/7 support. Bybit The World’s Leading Assets Platform.

Q: Could you tell us about Bybit and your Launchpad program please ?

Kilo: Bybit Launchpad allows you to gain early access to tokens from promising projects directly on Bybit. This time $IZI

Q: How can our community participte in the Bybit Launchpad to get $IZI?

Kilo: So you will need your $BIT ! First, you need to hold $BIT during the Snapshot Period 2021–12–15 00:00–2021–12–19 23:59(UTC). Your Daily Average BIT Balance Over 5 Day(s) will determine how many $BIT you will be able to commit durint Subscription Period. Learn more about the timeline here:

Q: Can you share your socials for our community to stay up to date with Bybit?

Kilo: Absolutely! You can join our Global Community here and also our Announcement Channel here


Remember we also have more than 18 local communities around the world! and our other social medias:

Questions from twitter Q1: I saw that BYBIT announced a major strategic partnership with “Bitsgap”, one of the platforms with integration tools. Can you tell more details about Bitsgap? what benefits does this partnership generate, and how will it support the BYBIT ecosystem?

Kilo: Bitsgap is well known for Signals. Arbitrage. Portfolio. lot’s of experienced traders join the platform and we have the chance to provide them with our service.

Q2: Is user required to KYC on the Bybit platform to participate in Izumi’s launchpad?

Kilo: Yes! At least level 1 — check here Here’s Why KYC is Important & Why It Matters to Bybit Traders.

Q3: I’m a new Bybit user and still confused about launchpad distribution. can you help me explain how to calculate IZI which we get from launchpad?

Kilo: No worries! Launchpad is always a little bit confusing for the first time. We have a Timeline on Bybit Launchpad page. There go to Timeline >Distribution Period.

Q4: What is difference between launchpad and launchpool? Also, how do i join the bybit launchpad? Are there any special requirements to participate?

Kilo: Bybit Launchpool allows users to stake and earn tokens for free. Stake and unstake tokens anytime and earn the staking currency, new tokens and USDT bonus.

By contrast, Bybit Launchpad allows users to pledge BIT in order to participate in innovative new projects in the crypto space, and gain early access to those tokens directly on Bybit. Both the Launchpool and the Launchpad require KYC L1 or business verification to participate.

Q5: I want to know about depositing in bybit and withdrawal and invite rewards.

Kilo: Thank you! Very good questions! When it comes to Deposits and Withdrawals the best place to start is Bybit Learn. Let me share some links. on Bybit Learn you will learn everything about Cryptocurrency & Trading.

Now, for Referral Program! We are know for our juicy prizes so don’t be shy and join for free bonuses.

Q6: For the purpose of those that cannot participate in Izumi Launchpool because they dont want to do KYC or for other reasons, but have intention of buying IZI, can you tell us the exact time we can buy IZI on Bybit? Will i be able to get launchpad snapshots even if i’m staking BITS in BITS Launchpool?

Kilo: As always, we will announce new pair listings to the community in a timely fashion proceeding the listing. To stay on top of the latest news, product releases, events and listings, stay tuned to our Telegram discussion group as well as our announcement group!

Q7: Hello, what does the Bybit Launchpad consist of and how does it work? Kilo: Bybit Launchpad is a token launch platform for groundbreaking blockchain projects. It gives users access to pre-listing rounds and allows them to earn new tokens directly on Bybit. Users hold BIT over a period of time in order to establish snapshots, which allows them to purchase the promoted project’s tokens at the end of the event.

Q8: What is the Launchpad benefit for Bybit Users?

Kilo: The Launchpad offers a few different benefits to users: 1) Exposure to pre vetted, high quality projects that have passed the extensive due diligence process required to be listed on the Launchpad 2) Fair, equitable distribution of tokens to participants 3) It gives users access to pre-listing rounds and allows them to earn new tokens directly on Bybit.

About izumi Finance

izumi Finance is the first protocol to support Uniswap V3 “non-homogeneous” liquidity mining and extend concentrated liquidity service for multi-chains. izumi provides “Liquidity as a Service” (LaaS) based on Uniswap V3, with innovatively designed liquidity mining modules of “Concentrated liquidity mining” model for stable assets with a fixed price and “One-sided non-impermanent loss Mining” model for non-stable tokens. These structured models would support any blockchain project to better implement liquidity incentives with much higher capital efficiency and enable liquidity providers to earn extra rewards.




iZUMi Finance: A Multi-chain DeFi Protocol Providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service;; Discord:

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iZUMi Finance: A Multi-chain DeFi Protocol Providing One-Stop Liquidity as a Service;; Discord: