The Linea Trial is Now Live on Galxe

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3 min readJul 24, 2023

To celebrate iZiSwap’s launch on Linea, iZUMi Finance presents to you The Linea Trial campaign on Galxe!

A prize pool with $iZi tokens is ready to be claimed, with a chance to share the potential ecosystem airdrop on Linea that iZiSwap received.

iZiSwap promises to share 50% of the potential ecosystem’s airdrop on Linea it gets to all the participants who had finished at least one on-chain task, and we will distribute rewards based on the percentage of each participants’ iPoints among the total iPoints.
Learn more about iPoint:

Join the campaign and complete as many tasks as you can! The more iPoints you earn, the more potential airdrop you’ll be entitled to share.

Campaign Period: 4 weeks, starting from July 24th

Campaign Portal:

(On-chain snapshots will be taken every 72 hours during the campaign period via

Brief Guide for Campaign Tasks:

1. Swap Task

Visit iZiSwap website:

Locate in the top right corner and click the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your wallet and switch to “Linea” network.

Select your preferred tokens to swap. We recommend 0.25 ETH (~500 USD to meet the lucky draw’s entry)

2.Add Liquidity Task

Select “liquidity” => “add liquidity”

Select your preferred pair to provide liquidity. Here, we take ETH-iZi as an example. Choose the fee tier of 0.30%.

Input the amount you wish to provide and set the price range. Here, we put 0.2 ETH to meet the task entry, and the needed amount of iZi will subsequently appear immediately.

Approve your tokens if it’s the first time for you to provide liquidity. Click “Create” button to proceed.

You shall see your LP position info on the “Liquidity” page. You could easily collect fees, add more liquidity, or remove liquidity


The campaign is currently scheduled for 4 weeks, which means you can repeatedly perform on-chain operations to earn iPoints and get iZi rewards every week. You can follow the above guide and visit iZiSwap each week to claim your rewards.



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