The Ultra Evolution — Announcing ZBC/USDT Double Farming Pool

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2 min readDec 2, 2022

We are happy to announce that a new liquidity mining incentive pool: ZBC/USDT has joined the Double Farming Incentives Campaign: The Ultra Evolution. This liquidity pool was provided by Zebec, a new partner of iZUMi Finance.

The total rewards are 1.72M ZBC & 109k iZi and the incentive cycle (2 months) starts from December 2nd.

Participate in this Double Farming pool to enjoy a high APR with double token rewards.
Liquidity Mining Pools:

You may refer to this guidebook to see how to participate in the campaign (step-by-step):

Zebec is a revolutionary DeFi technology that empowers real-time, frictionless and continuous streams of payments. The automatic money streams made possible through Zebec allow businesses, employees and consumers to completely reimagine how they are paid, how they invest and how they buy products or services.


iZiSwap is the first concentrated liquidity DEX on BNB Chain with an innovative DL-AMM model. Before the birth of concentrated liquidity DEX, liquidity was distributed uniformly throughout the price curve between 0 and infinity. However, in many pools, most liquidity was never used. On iZiSwap, liquidity is being put to work more efficiently.

iZiSwap aims to help projects bootstrap and manage their own pool and on-chain liquidity transparently and efficiently. Our Double Reward Incentives Campaign will keep on inviting excellent projects to join.

If you are a project and interested in in the Double Reward Incentives Campaign, please submit an application via this link



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