The Ultra Evolution On Scroll — Announcing SKY/USDC Double Farming Pool

iZUMi Finance
1 min readDec 21, 2023

We are excited to welcome our partner, Skydrome, to join the The Ultra Evolution. The first liquidity mining incentive pool SKY/USDC will live on iZiSwap.

The incentive cycle will start from December 21st, and last for 30 days, the double farming rewards are 137k SKY & 156k iZi

Liquidity Mining Pools:

You may refer to this guidebook to see how to participate in the campaign (step-by-step):

Skydrome is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and liquidity marketplace on the Scroll blockchain that allows users and DAOs to perform various actions within the protocol’s ecosystem.


iZiSwap aims to help projects bootstrap and manage their own pool and on-chain liquidity transparently and efficiently. Our Double Reward Incentives Campaign will keep on inviting excellent projects to join.

If you are a project and interested in in the Double Reward Incentives Campaign, please submit an application via this link



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